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You were thinking about how you can make your cake look beautiful and unique? If you are looking for something really special, contact me with your request and I will gladly work with you to custom build your cake topper.

Located in Montreal, Quebec, TippityToppers is an online business that specializes in creating high quality cake toppers for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions. I do my best to create an original product that is better than what you can usually find on the market, which is mostly cheap and flimsy. I achieve this by designing and carefully hand-crafting all of my cake toppers using only premium quality non-shedding, acid-free card stock glitter, all my cake toppers use card stock glitter on both front and back facing making it a sturdy and durable product as well as a unique keepsake of that special occasion. I will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about my cake toppers! Read our FAQ here to learn more about the order and payment process.

Unlike most glitter card stock cake toppers on the market that come with only one sided glitter and white backing, my cake toppers use only acid-free, premium non-shedding card stock glitter on both front and back faces, providing a sturdy and durable topper for your cake. The topper comes attached on one bamboo stick and is properly packaged to avoid accidental bending.

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From simple two line words to complicated multicolored inserts, you can see here our latest cake topper creations!